Is it still possible to submit an abstract?

Yes. The deadline for abstracts was 15 May 2018. The abstract submission site is online.

When I submit my manuscript, can I make changes to the abstract?

Yes, if the changes are relatively minor, such as revising the list of authors or corrections to the text. The revised abstract will appear with your Proceedings manuscript.

Is it necessary to submit a manuscript?

Yes. If a manuscript is not received by the 1 September 2018 deadline, your presentation will not be scheduled.

I've requested a poster presentation. Do I still need to submit a manuscript?

Yes. A lecture presentation and a poster presentation are treated the same. Both are technical presentations and equally significant.

When I submitted by abstract, I got an acknowledgment that my abstract was received. To secure travel funding, can I say that my paper was accepted?

Not yet. With receipt of your abstract, your paper is provisionally accepted. After reviewing the abstract you will get a separate acknowledgement of your paper acceptance.

When will I know the day and time of my presentation?

You will be notified in mid-October 2018.

I want to publish my data elsewhere eventually. Will my Proceedings manuscript affect this?

Publication in the WESPAC 2018 New Delhi Proceedings should not prohibit later publication in another journal. Most journals (e.g., JASA) will ask that there be some modification, such as adding figures, paraphrasing the text, or an improved analysis, that need not be too extensive. (A verbatim copy of the Proceedings article would not be acceptable.) Some journals are less flexible so you may want to check their instructions to authors. You do have considerable flexibility in that manuscript length can be anywhere between 2 and 8 pages.

Do you have any manuscript examples, showing what the content and style should be like?

You can download example of WESPAC 2018 New Delhi Proceedings articles Paper Template