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In 1982, the first WESPRAC or Western Pacific Regional Conference was held in Singapore Chaired. Previously, WESPRAC or Western Pacific Regional Commission for Acoustics was founded by Prof. Ken’ichi Kido (Tohoku University, Japan) with the aim to promote communication and stimulate interactions in all aspect of acoustics in the region. The intent was to hold a conference, similar to the International Congress on Acoustics and covering all the topics in acoustics and primarily for the acousticians in the region.  Since then the WESPRAC has been held every three years and the Seventh WESPRAC 2000 turned out to be so successful that it was decided to rename the conference as  Western Pacific Acoustics Conference, WESPAC.

Currently, WESPAC has twelve member societies.  Those societies include Australian Acoustical Society; Acoustical Society of China; Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics:Acoustical Society of India; The Acoustical Soceity of Japan; The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan; The Acoustical Society of Korea; Korean  Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering; New Zealand Acoustical Society; Russian Acoustical Society; Society of Acoustics(Singapore); Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore.  WESPAC is also an International Affiliate Member of International Commission on Acoustics (ICA).

The topics covered are very wide, across all branches of acoustics including physical acoustics to noise and vibration control, underwater acoustics, architectural acoustics, physiological acoustics, speech and hearing, signal processing etc.  The usual size of the conference is around 400 people.

The mission of this conference is to promote the awareness and education in acoustics especially in the up and coming  SouthEast Asian countries. This will also encourage the collaboration of acoustical societies in the Western Pacific region. It will be of interest to know that the total number of members from the twelve member societies is larger than the total number of members of the acoustical societies of the European Union. Thus it has the largest group of members of acoustical societies in the world.  Hence it will certainly form a major force in the world of acoustic.